Tuesday, December 13, 2005

No Frills Airlines

American Eagle now has the distinction of a "no frills" airline along with Air Canada. The days of getting free food on planes are over. What can we expect now - more crappy service to come! What more can you want??

Next in line every airline will start charging $1 for your soda. So you know what I say bring it on. Let's make all passengers start bringing in coolers full of their own sodas. They can charge .50 for that and make their own money from the airlines. Everyone can start bringing in more pillows to load up planes. Don't worry about overpacking as we will have to start loading earlier to be on time.

The best news is if everyone on American Eagle reacts to buying a coke, then the bigger airlines such as American will go to a pay for everything service to. It sounds like a nightmare coming true. What will be next? Paying $25 to $100 for first class food?

Obviously I'm not for this change. We pay a high price to fly. There are already "no frills" airlines that you can choose to fly on, such as SouthWest and EasyJet. But when the airlines start saying this is main stream because everyone is doing it, that's going a bit too far. One thing is for certain, I guess I'll be taking my food business elsewhere before I arrive.

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