Friday, December 30, 2005

Staying Out of Trouble

Yesterday P and I both decided we needed to get a lot of chores done. You know the vacation laundry, food, cleaning, and dishes. We also needed to tie up the loose ends from the wedding, which we completed.

I needed to get my application down to the finishing touches as well. But I'm still waiting on my finger prints from the FBI and France which is worrying me too much, especially since we all know how long things take when sent to France. And I've already gotten all of my other confirmations back about a month ago. It's totally making me wonder and worry why it is taking so long. I know I need to be patient but with our marriage certificate already here, there isn't much left until I can send in the entire PR application. Here's to hoping that everything will come together soon.

If anyone else is interested, joining the yahoo groups for immigration to Canada is a great resource and so much help. I've gotten a lot of little questions answered which the people on the forums don't have a clue about. Oh well, at least we are staying out of trouble this weekend.

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