Monday, December 05, 2005

Swiss Say Obesity Is On The Rise

According to a new national nutrition report in Switzerland, more and more Swiss are becoming overweight. With about 37 percent of the population being overweight, the figures from the report which comes out every seven years is quite shocking.

My first thoughts as I entered Switzerland back in 2002 was that there were a lot less obese people. I attributed the result mostly because there are a lot less people who eat fast food. However, the problem is getting bigger as noted in this new study. But there still are a lot less fast food places in Europe compared to the United States or Canada.

What's a bit disheartening are the numbers of obesity seem to grow each year quite simply because many youngsters from the age of 15 to 25 eat fast food at least twice a week. If this is what is happening in Switzerland, I wonder how many people are obese in other countries such as the US and Canada?

Diseases and health problems related to weight cost SF2.7 billion every year in Switzerland with a rise in obesity of about 50,000 people per year. There are groups out there such as Swiss Balance which promote exercise and healthy living.

From all of my research, eating more fresh vegetables and less processed foods will combat this problem. The biggest obstacle is choosing to do this for yourself. Quite easily would be banning some of these foods from the food chain completely. Oh how to dream.

One exciting new program I think that is doing good is the tv show "The Biggest Loser". I'm guessing the biggest epidemic in this world is obesity. It will continue to grow until we all start changing our lifestyles with eating foods that help you healthy and strong.

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