Monday, December 19, 2005

Time is Flyin

Today was my day off from my normal work and it sure went fast. The sunsets in the evenings the last two weeks or so have been incredible. I managed to get in a few shots from inside and I'm pretty impressed on what came out. The mornings have been equally mesmerizing. But this morning ended that with our first day of rain in about 10 days, which of course is unusual for Vancouver.

I've been busy working on completing my application for Permanent Residency in Canada. Right after, I found one interesting article about a couple dealing with loosing their own paradise. It seems James is also blogging about these issues. I know I'm feeling it in a bit of a different way but it still effects me the same.

Other exciting news, I set off the smoke alarm today. I thought the burner was turned on over the kettle but that wasn't the case. It gave me a little scare especially since there wasn't even smoke. Oh well, things are settled down now and I'm happy to start cooking dinner for P for the first time since we got married. We usually are never together for dinner because of my job so that is a bit exciting for me to actually have dinner ready once he arrives at the door.

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