Thursday, January 19, 2006

Immigrating to Canada

I know there are a few of my readers out there who are actually going through the same process as me or might be considering immigrating to Canada. I'll let you in on a few secrets and facts.
  • First off, the outrageous immigration fee proposed back in the 1990's was done by Paul Martin because at the time there was a deficit in the budget. The landing fee doesn't go towards any type of improvement in the process or benefit immigration at all. Martin now wants to completely abolish the fee in 3 years (if elected).

  • You have to take at least one medical exam by a Designated Medical Practitioner (DMP). The exam usually is only valid for one year, so know when you will apply for immigration. Here's the link to the immigration guide, where you'll find more info.

  • You need finger prints for your police clearance from every country you have lived in for more than 6 months. Since I needed one from France and Switzerland, I really had to search to find the correct links for police clearance. Most charge a fee which you should call to clarify as they are changing. You'll need to get your fingerprints done on stock card. I used the RCMP which is acceptable for even FBI prints.

  • Request to expedite your finger prints if you know you will need them in less than 3 months by the time you apply for immigration. I did not and I've had to wait too long for my prints to come back. The FBI took 3 months from time of postmark.

  • I joined the yahoo Canada Immigration group which has been so helpful answering my questions.
Knowing that I could have benefited from a blogger who told me some good links and steps to get through immigration, I'm happy to help out where I can.

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