Sunday, January 08, 2006

We Got Our Sun

After Canadian Swiss sent me thoughts of sunshine last night, we woke up to a bit of that this morning. I was really shocked to see even some part of the sky full of sun, which turned out to look at bit like that first photo I took in Campbell River over Christmas.

Not to say that the sun will last for long because it's quite cloudy, windy and chilly out today. No not that cold but cold enough that we weren't wearing hats and got red ears when we went out for a long stroll. I'm not complaining because last night I had so much energy and really wanted to go outside but the down pour of rain told me to just stick it out indoors. Instead I did get a lot of work done on the computer and stayed up as late as P.

Now if you were going to compare it to a Montreux morning, I guess it could have looked like this from the inside. But of course Montreux is so beautiful because you really get to the details of the days go by with such a great view. I always new when it would rain because we could see the storms coming in from the Valais or over from the top of the mountain range. So even on a stormy morning it wa a treat to see further than most...

I do also have to mention that my girlfriend of 21 years turns 30 today. Yes she's just 4 days older than me. And while growing up she really made sure to rub that in from time to time. You know the times when you get to go to a PG 13 movie, driving at 16 and the 21st birthday in the US. But I guess those times are reversing as we get older and I could start bragging that I'm not that old yet. Well at least not for four more days. ;-)

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