Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All That I've Learned

Who would have thought that most of my learning has taken place after I finished school, but really I think it is true. OR maybe it's just that I keep on learning every day, which is certainly the case. Really, I wish I had known these words so much earlier!

A little - Es bitzeli - Ein bisschen
Approximately - Öppe - Etwa
Someone - Öpper - Jemand
Something - Öppis - Etwas
Not - Nööd - Nicht (my favorite)
Nothing - Nüüt - Nichts
Here - Da - Hier
There - Det - Dort
...right? - ...gäll? - ...nicht?
Some times - Mängisch - Manchmal
Well, yes - Mol - Doch
Yeah, right - Äbä - Eben
Have a nice meal (always to be said to the others before eating) - En Guete - Guten Appetit
Eat - Ässe - Essen
Walk - Laufe - Gehen
Run - Ränne - Laufen/rennen
Walk downhill - Abälaufe - Abwärts gehen
Walk uphill - Uälaufe - Aufwärts gehen
Walk uphill (and reach the top) - Ufälaufe - Aufwärts gehen

Motorbike - Töff - Motorrad
Bike - Velo - Fahrrad

Most of these words I amazingly learned from the dog in the family. You know he was a great talker and taught me all of that. And to just think how confused I was when I finally went on vacation in Germany. Obviously I needed a lot of help while I was there. I don't think I would have had so much trouble if I had actually taken some type of German class in the first place!

P always cracks up with the word Ausfahrt which I made him stew over for a while when he first visited Switzerland.

Is there a word in German or Swiss German that just cracks you up or you like saying way too much?

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