Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Coccinelle Cafe

While on vacation last August, we stumbled upon this cute Cafe sign in Lausanne old town. This was the evening that had many happenings like seeing the lady with the purple hair. I was drawn to this sign probably just because you won't find anything like that here in Vancouver.

If you ever visit Lausanne, make sure you go up to some of the famous churches high above. The views from atop are just incredible. We certainly lucked out because just a few days after I took this shot, Switzerland was flooded with rain.

The weather in Vancouver has been really unpredictable lately. I felt more like I was in Prague than Vancouver. We had beautiful sunny skies which changed in 5 minutes to a down pour. Where did that come from? Well I'm not really sure but it happened more than once because I was able to capture 2 rainbows yesterday. I'll have to get them up soon.

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