Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Looking Glass Window

Today's inspiration of a Looking Glass Window theme was partly because I had a change of scenary today in down town Vancouver. And partly because of two people who influenced me enough and gave me this idea before even getting to the downtown core.

First was In Soul who inspired me to post another window photo because she's just so crazy about some of the photos I've posted lately. She gives me enough inspiration to want to post more photos, but she's certainly not alone. You know who you are! ;-) I don't want to make anyone feel left out on that one because I've got a wonderful audience.

And thanks to Ginnie's links, I found a great theme for windows which I drew off of. This first looking glass shows off the beautiful shores of Lac Leman from Yvoire, France. There's so much beauty, one is just always in heaven here.

Next in line is a lonely window that needs some flowers added to it, but still far more beautiful than the ones I see daily in Vancouver. This was just another cool window in Yvoire.

The third is my paradise, Montreux, where I was lucky enough to live for more than a year. And imagine, this type of view every day of the year. Yes the looking glass was always that good.

What is your favorite looking glass?

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