Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Touch of Snow

Well we've officially had more snow here. We had wet down pours yesterday of the fluffy stuff, followed by large wind gusts and a clear blue sky. Most of it did not stick until last night, which just happened to be once I had sat down on the couch after work.

Today there was a touch of that white stuff on the road and I was freezing, so I went back to sleep a bit longer after being woken up to some awful scraping noises.

Now I'm super grumpy for no apparent reason. I'm thinking it's because I didn't get my coffee, but maybe it's more about burnout. But I was thinking the title should be a "touch of grey", which the Greatful Dead sang. The snow flakes ironically were flying upwards for a few minutes as they were so light and fluffy and edible. Kind of like this guy in the pic...

It certainly isn't anything to write home about unlike the weather Switzerland has been having, including some places in the Valais being closed off entirely. In the mean time, I'll get my spirits up by reading about Alinghi who are back in Switzerland to train right now.

*** Update ***
I think I ended up catching a bad stomach bug that is going around. Maybe it's the flu and my body is fighting it off. I just don't have any energy to move at all and a headache that is giantor in size. I know I'm sick when I didn't even touch my computer the entire afternoon and evening yesterday. I dozed off and took two naps as well so my body is telling me something. Rest is in order today because I've got vacation next week and don't need to be sick and stuck inside!

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