Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Kim Meme

Kim tagged me from the other kim, so I'm up for another meme. No tags this time though!

I AM: always thinking about traveling, being outdoors and seeing the world.
I WANT: to travel lots by just packing up and going.
I WISH: I could be in more than one place at once, my thoughts would turn into reality, life wasn't so complicated at times, so that I could live in Switzerland easily. And make my dreams reality.

I HATE: people who are fake, who lack common sense, and piss me off because they are just plain stupid. Yeah I should have given the lady at London Drugs last night a pack of diapers for being so pissy! And I'm pissed for not going to do it. I should have insisted on it...

I MISS: my friends and life in Switzerland. Like you didn't know that...
I FEAR: getting really sick or having ones I love be that way.
I HEAR: the tv while I work.
I WONDER: how my life would be with P and I in Europe. And in 10 years.
I REGRET: nothing, except telling that woman off yesterday.
I AM NOT: a trendy person. I like to do my own thing.
I DANCE: rarely.
I SING: only when I'm alone.
I CRY: every once in a while.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: sure what I want to do with my life.
I MAKE: people smile.
I WRITE: too much every day.
I CONFUSE: myself because I can't remember for the life of me people's names.
I NEED: to have at least one good friend by my side.
I SHOULD: be more organized, exercise more, and clean better/more often and push myself to attain higher goals. But I'm always too hard on myself.
I START: too many projects, but get bored and can't bare to finish them.
I FINISH: the dishes daily, clean way too much all the while hating it with a passion and then lye next to my P in bed before kissing him and falling to sleep.

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