Friday, April 28, 2006

My Walking Tour

Last night it stopped raining, so I decided to walk home to enjoy all of the flowers and trees and the beautiful spring colours which are coming to life here in Vancouver. I actually wished I took a few more pics because there were just way too many beautiful shots for my tiny camera to take. Here are a few of the most interesting shots.

I first encountered some beautiful yellow flowers on a bush, which I hadn't noticed before the beauty it is able to display. I practically pass by this thing daily.

Next I just had to photograph a set of trees which I drive by practically every day saying to myself, I'm going to photograph that! So finally I have while I was walking. Do you call these cherry blossoms too?

This park actually has so many different flowers all around it, I had to photograph a few more tulips, mind you that my camera can't do more than shoot the full pic.

As I kept on walking home, I kept on noticing all of the different colours of tulips we have here in Vancouver. I'm amazed because I don't think I've seen these colours. I think one was of a purple or maroon, which was simply astonishing. Others were just so wonderful that I had to stop a minute and smile, but I didn't photograph more just because I obviously wanted to get home too.

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