Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Canadian Budget Changes

For those of you who follow anything about Canada, you might be interested in reading about the new changes which will probably take place with the new Canadian Federal budget. I'm not one to dissect and analyze the budget but for those of you who might be applying for immigration to Canada like me, this might be good news!

• Reducing the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (charged to immigrants arriving in Canada) from $975 to $490, effective immediately.

Well they say this is effective immediately but I wonder just how one can get a refund since I paid the higher fees.

"In addition, the Government will provide partial refunds to those who
have already paid the $975 fee but have not been granted permanent
resident status or have not yet arrived in Canada."

So how do you get a refund? Thanks Christina for finding this link for the refund answer.

The weather is nice today, maybe up to 22C so I'm off to get out and enjoy the weather and maybe end up with a hair cut too.

Parting shots from Yvoire. The plants around Vancouver are starting to look like this too. :)

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