Monday, May 01, 2006

Expo Ernie Returns

If you ever were able to visit the World Expo 86 which took place at False Creek in Vancouver, Canada, then you might recognize this face. It's Expo Ernie, the official greeter of the Expo.

So you might be wondering whatever happened to Ernie and Expo 86? Well Expo Ernie is making a come back reunion and coming out of retirement. May 2nd will be Expo 86 Day and Expo Ernie will be there to greet people once again here in Vancouver.

"Visitors will have a chance to interact with the beloved mascot during a two-day celebration at City Hall on May 1st and 2nd, which will include a special ceremony in council where the Mayor will deliver the proclamation and recognize community leaders and thousands of volunteers who helped make Expo 86 a success."

Actually he even made an apperance on global tv this morning. If I would have thought about it, I should have taken a photo of him helping out with the weather. I really wasn't able to find an official photo of the guy. But here are a few photos that made me flash back to the times and beauty. Boy has the surrounding area changed since 1986.


If you'd like to see a few more great links about Expo 86, here are a few more retro pics to flask back and other funny links to laugh and smile.

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Since I heard about the great expo while I wasn't living here in Vancouver, I only got to see photos of the event now. I think it would have been a fun deal to check out as I would have been old enough to appreciate and take in the Expo. I'll leave you with a famous pic which of course is all things Switzerland.

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Here's to the first of May, another new month and reminiscing about Expo.

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