Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On Top of The World

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It's hard to believe what a journey I made to take this photo near Grouse Mountain. I had gone about 15km's or so by that point on the Lynn Canyon trail via Grouse Mountain. The killer was that I climbed up the mountain to get there. You know the sheer face with lots of rock like shist and shale (I forget what types of rocks my fellow climbers said they were but they were close to that).

If you look close enough in the photo, you can sort of see what I was up against. Navigation was 100% harder than we thought since all the markers were gone and we didn't have a clue where the trail was at times. But by this point, we were on a well marked trail. We stopped not too long before sunset to rest and enjoy the view before needing to hurry up and get back before a search crew started looking for us.

This was by far my hardest day hike I had ever done. It was about 18 km in all, maybe a bit more by the end. Next time I do hope to be at the top first and just go for a short hike and enjoy such views as this. Of course, in Vancouver a view like this doesn't exactly happen every day.

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