Thursday, May 18, 2006

Time to Check Out The Swiss Riviera

It's that time of year in Montreux where everyone starts to get out and enjoy the many walks along the waterfront and the warm water days along Lac Leman. Every day I would walk this path, a bit different ways each day down to this waterfront view. At times now, I wish I had a better camera to capture the beauty but I think my tiny camera did quite well for it's capability.

We would walk down to the waterfront, try to stay in the shade a bit, play on a few playgrounds and then make our way past that tall tower of a hotel towards the city center and the Freddy Mercury statue. I used to love watching the water flow from the cement while watching the kids splash and play among each little fountain. People watching is definitely a prime spot to this area.

Of course all that comes to an all time high when the Montreux Jazz Fest starts setting up during the month of June and hits an all time high in July. Let me tell you the line up this year is incredible. Let me mention a few singers set to play:

Tracy Chapman, Bryan Adams, Santana and company, Santana encore, Sting, Morrissey, Santana solo, Sean Paul, Deep Purple, Gladys Knight and Deftones..

If you have the chance, I wouldn't miss their 40th anniversary. It looks huge! OF course I never missed in my 2 years but it was a bit easier since we could hear most of the music from the house.

Parting shot from Olympic museum in Lausanne.

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