Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We've Got a Surprise

Most of you don't really know what I do day to day. My job is pretty hard to explain but as easiest I can explain is that I'm a tutor and jack of all trades. I've got some free time to do other things like blogging and taking photos and trying to enjoy the outdoors. I guess it's not that bad of a gig but I won't be doing it forever because it just wears on me.

Over the weekend a little surprise came, in the form of a new bundle (not mine). Yesterday morning I was afforded the surprise of a new kitten to look after. So my little buddy Twist (he's the cute cocker) has a new friend to learn to get along with.

Unfortunately for Twist, he's getting a lot less attention right now while everyone oos and awes over this spunky little new kitten. So far it's a great kitten and he really loves to play.

Of course, everyone wants to play with him and have it's turn with him. The little addition is nice but of course for me, I have to change up my schedule that much more. And well, I like my free time off. Oh well, this is where learning to be patient and flexible works my nerves. But I'm good at faking things. :)

Here's another pic of him on top of a toy elephant. Unfortunately I didn't bring my bigger camera so the quality of the pics is really lacking. I'm sure I'll find some time this week to get a few good shots in. He's got blue eye's even which don't totally show in these photos.

Cute Surprise!

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