Tuesday, May 23, 2006

World Cup Fever Heightens

Three of the most popular world cup teams are currently training Switzerland. Crowds have come out to watch many of them train in full fashion dawning their favorite teams colors. It's safe to say that World Cup fever is definitely starting.

Brazil's world cup team is currently training in Weggis, which is just outside of Lucern on the lake. They currently have the biggest crowds of followers trying to catch a glimpse. Many fans even watched them arrive from Zurich's Klotten airport.

Other teams to note are the German team which is training somewhere near Nyon. Michael Schumacher even came out to give them a bit of a cheer and welcomed them to canton Vaud. As well, the Dutch are training in Lausanne, making for some super hot fans who want to catch a glimpse before World Cup begins. I know I'd be catching their training if I were anywhere close to these cities.

One thing we can guarantee is that there will be a lot of hot soccer schwag being shown off. With only 16 more or so days left until the World Cup, I'm sure the fever will be picking up, along with people's spending of World Cup merchandise. Germany is one place I wish I could be, but I'll manage to just watch from the sidelines.

Here are a few more World Cup Snippets to note.

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