Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blue Boat

Blue Boat HDR
Originally uploaded by thnkfst.
Yesterday I had about an hour to kill down at the beach. So I naturally used that time to practice my photography. I've been using the RAW format on my D70 camera. Many of you won't be able to use this function unless you have a more advanced camera. I'm definitely impressed at the difference in photo quality.

Here's a blue passenger boat which is coming from Granville Island to Kitsalano. I loved the striking blue colors of the boat and had to snap it.

I'll have to get a few more photos up for viewing from flickr but let me tell you, it was fun just watching everything going on around me.

Here's some funny trivia. Did you know June 21st is the only day of the year which it is possible for you to stand up an egg on end because of the earth's gravitational pull.

Sorry I didn't try it out myself, but I saw a photo of someone doing it from the news. Great concept but too bad we have to wait another 364 days until we can try it again. Just another reason why summer is just so awesome!

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