Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Happy International Bloggers Day

Village at Sunset

Today is International Webloggers Day. I only found this out because I read Christina's blog (who isn't the only one passing the word around) and well I wanted to pass the word around too. It's a pretty cool concept to pull everyone together.

For me, it has as much meaning because I've been able to meet or chat with a few of the bloggers out there. I've been able to learn and keep up with things happening across the pond too. The rewards can be incredible, especially if you can give and share a piece of yourself to other bloggers. If you have any extra time, be sure to check out the link.

This pic was taken from my apartment in Village Neuf, France during one of those beautiful fall sunsets. Note the bike/walking path flows right under that bridge. I was literally 10 steps away from exercising, talk about ideal! I used to love looking at the church and the sunset. Now if I had only been blogging way back in 2003, maybe I would have met more people while I was in Europe. I guess we all just have to meet up sometime in our travels. I can only our travels take us back to Europe within another year.

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