Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Walk in the Park

Summer Beauty
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Just a few blocks away from our place, we have a beautiful park which I love walking to. It's down the hill just a bit and produces beautiful views of down town, the Burrard Inlet and Skies as far as the eye can see.

You may remember where this park is from a previous post with the air raid siren which produced an incredible sunset that night. What I love about this park are all of the flowers. They change all the flowers to make sure they are perky and beautiful for each season.

So now that we are just passing into summer, more flowers have emerged. This was probably my most favorite flower down there right now. It's simply beautiful to look at.

Notice it's sister to the side. Maybe I'll just have to see if she has come out! My most favorite flower has been planted again this year too. I know I must go click a few snaps of her too.

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