Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hot Photo Hunt Today

Well I'm slipping a little. I normally put up the photo hunt 12 hours earlier. The heat made me not want to touch my laptop because without air conditioning, it's just way too hot. We have 31C degree heat here near the ocean so it's definitely not a heat wave by normal standards but it still isn't all that pleasant. We are just lucky we aren't in Osoyoos right now where it hit 41C yesterday.

Now For Saturday's Photo Hunt 18 - Theme Action

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So why not post an action shot from Penticton of a hummingbird in action. It's nearly a sweltering 38C there today I'm sure.

Stocking Up

Night Feed
Okay guys, I'll do my best to go check out your sites but I might be doing it tonight when it's cooler out. Any input on the pics? These little buggers were so hard to photograph.

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