Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Okanagan Wineries

We learned so much with our visits to the wineries. It was funny because we didn't want to go on a wine hopping tour. What's the point when you know you have to drive? But People who were staying at the same B&B did. One group did 6 in one day.

When they asked us what we did, we went to the best one, got the best tour, got individual attention, and were completely satisfied as a result. We took in the sights, saw more places around the area and got in a small nap. Now that's what I call a good vacation. We purposely didn't do much this time since it was a short trip.

Mission Cellars

This photo is from the Mission Hill Winery Cellars. We learned about the barrel numbers. The first number states the year of the wine. The last three numbers are just the lot number of the barrel. Each barrel can cost over $1800 CAD for the best oak and about $675 CAD for the cheaper barrels. We could buy a used one for $30 though.

The next photo is of me at the entrance on a very windy day. I tried to get a few pics in of "us" but really I didn't take enough. P hates his photo being taken and I usually hate the way I look.

Here's one last pic from the trip. I think this is the famous peach of Penticton. That's enough for me today...

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