Friday, July 07, 2006

Summer Delights

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We are winding down and getting ready to go on vacation. Busy days but at least one more post to go. Thought I'd post a few photos I've neglected.

Last night I broke down and got the remote to go along with my Nikon. This is so I can take a few photos while not being right next to my camera or so that I can walk away for a while at night and come back to see what the world has done.

I'll be sure to post these photos if they ever turn out. I plan on doing a few during our vacation because we will have a balcony with a view. I can't wait. The funniest thing is that the remote weighs less than a key and probably costs less than a dollar to produce. It's very easy to loose or wash!

I'll leave you with a few more photos.

Shouldn't summer be like this?

Tall Clown Beer Can Planes

And one more to come shortly.

Harder Kulm

This is P above Interlaken at Harder Kulm. We took the cograil/finucular to get up to this point with panoramic views which make you want to gaze forever.

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