Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Daily Train

The Daily Train
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On Friday I had ended up at the beach with mr. Twist and the girls. Twist and I headed for the dog park but they now don't allow dogs on any other part of the park. It's quite a feat figuring this out when you need to walk past something on how one might accomplish this with a dog in tow.

As we were getting ready to leave, the train came on by and I managed to get two shots of it coming directly at me. This was the best of the two shots.

Tonight we also went down there for the wonderful Ambleside walk to the pier. We watched the sunset and I took a bunch of photos. The sky was really pink and full of beautiful clouds. I'm really glad P is so patient while I snap away.

This train has lots of history to it also. In the late 1800's I believe this train did not go too far north yet. The people who lived in West Vancouver were hoping for the day they could take the train somewhere. And imagine how happy they were when that day finally came.

These days, the train still carries goods throughout Canada using the same tracks.

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