Sunday, August 27, 2006

Early Morning

Early Morning
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And so it was this way for me. I went for a photography outting today and met some great people.

As well, I signed up for an 8 session photography course just down the street here. It should be really informative for sure!

In other news, I've been really blogged out lately. I've put too much effort into being on the Internet and I'm definitely experiencing burn out. I'm trying to keep low key as much as possible but I just can't keep up with all 10,254 sites I visit daily. I knew this would happen one day anyhow. Can't there be an easier way to do it? I want to be in too many places at once...

So If I'm quieter, you will know why. But I'll really try to visit your website if you comment. (of course except for those who keep their identities hidden.)

It's definitely an early night for me.

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