Friday, August 04, 2006

My Own Two Feet

For those of you waiting and waiting for me to tell you more, I've finally gotten more than a second to put up at least one more photo. I haven't been inside for hours on end this week as all of you know. We've been leaving the north shore daily to head to the famous beaches of Vancouver.

Well actually that's not really what we have been doing but that's what I've been doing. I've been doing mounds of walking, sun shining brightly all around me, and using my time to photograph on my own two feet.

Although I have been down at the beach, I haven't been swimming. Why not you ask? ah, I guess 14 years of swimming does that to me. It was my job at some point and there hasn't been any fun in it for me like many other people. I guess all of those 14 years combine to more than a lifetime spent down there. I've just rung out the fun in it I suppose.

But I have been able to photograph other people doing it. Works for me at least. I'm enjoying the scenery as I absolutely love walking and people watching. I'm probably becoming more and more like my mom every day (just a watcher).

The Purple Studio

I've taken a long walk to do a short photo tour of Granville Island
(the 3 hour tour type).

A Day at Kits Pool

I've actually been day dreaming about swimming at kits pool and getting back into swimming. I think it would be fun at times but then I remember how much I hate making up my own workouts and just don't want to do the 6am routine, that I stop with my ideas. Well my itch is coming back. I'm not sure what more it will take, but I want that push to start swimming again.

I did walk past a few Swiss tourists on bikes who stopped to tell a joke. I never understood how all Swiss find Swiss German jokes funny. Or daydreaming of my days in day camp with clad yellow and blue shirted kids.

I guess all this traveling, walking and sun has tired me out more than I can imagine. I'm just fine but I need a day to sleep in. I'm hoping I'll actually be in the mood to do just that. And I'm hoping to get more photos up on my flickr stream. We will have to see but...

I'm looking forward to our 3 day weekend. It's a civic holiday in BC.
Translation: A day not to work.

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