Thursday, September 14, 2006

Good News!

Purple Beauty
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We've got rain! This is probably the first storm which has actually brought more than a trickle of rain for more than 2 months. I hadn't mentioned it before, but some areas of BC are really hurting for the rain.

In fact, there are 2 really bad forest fires in south east BC, which hopefully now can be contained as a result of this wet stuff. As well, there's someone coming here in a few weeks and she's going to be staying in a declared "drought crisis" area. We can only hope more water comes into that area on Vancouver Island because their water supplies are virtually empty.

The rain doesn't exactly make for great photos, except for flowers. But this weekend, I have a bird photo trip planned with the photo club. Let's hope it's decent weather for that at least!

In other good news, I haven't missed a day of swimming. I actually feel more heart healthy and I'm thinking I've lots a few lbs. For me that's exciting. Isn't it for any woman!

Anyhow, I guess I've been told that I'm that fast person in the pool. It feels good but I'll take them up on that once I actually feel really good about myself and can dive off the blocks in a more graceful manner. (well at least that is what I felt like as I dove into the water yesterday.)

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