Saturday, September 30, 2006

In a Day Dream and Laughing

Today ended up being much cloudier than expected, with a bit of drizzle all day long. The one thing I did do was take a long walk down to the short pier for some people watching and camera shots. But I didn't end up with anything that spectacular.

What I did end up doing was sitting on my rear end while P went swimming. Yes I guess I'm lazy, but washing my hair twice in one day just isn't my cup of team anymore. Good thing I did get some FREE reading time because I stumbled upon a great article on Sking and Snowboarding in Europe. And I think I've already got ski fever!!!

Actually the article speaks about the differences between the US and Europe when it comes to hitting the slopes. It immediately got me thinking that I still can't even compare California to BC yet because I haven't gone skiing in 2 plus years! Maybe I will this season, if my immigration application ever finishes.

Here are a few of the highlights which made me laugh:

1. ""Holy Cow!" (or some variation of that remark): This is one of the first exclamations from an American skier or rider when first looking up at the mountains in Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland or even Spain. The first exclamation is quickly followed by, "We're going to ski down that?""

I had to laugh at this one because I could just imagine my cousin saying that!

2. "Next four!: American lift lines are the essence of order. There are smoothly functioning singles lines and rarely is a ski stepped on. Lift lines in Europe are a free-for-all — until the point where barriers have been set up to funnel skiers into the lift, there are no controls."

I so started laughing because I really didn't experience too many lines while I was living in Switzerland until I went to Klosters/Davos. There was one point where I was asking my friend how do we line up. It was just completechaoss and everyone really does step all over your skis!

If you are interested in reading their list, find the entire article here.

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