Saturday, September 23, 2006

Smiling Back Blue Eyes

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Since my favorite color is blue, I just couldn't pass this one up.

This little green darner has a sad story behind this shot. I seriously think he's praying. Why?

Smiling Back
Originally uploaded by thnkfst.

Well it started on a Saturday in August when this beautiful dragonfly flew up into our sky lights. It appeared he would finally fly out, but insisted on staying until the next morning. He was spinning his wings and overly exhausted. You could hear him scared to death and frantically trying to escape, about 20 feet above us.

By the morning time, he was so tired that he fell to the ground seeking air from outside. I scooped him up and put him in a planter bowl outside on our balcony. And this is how I saw him. A few hours later he died...

He's so beautiful.. I'm sure he was smiling and praying for his life.
I just love his eyes...

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