Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quick Update

So Mr. Twist came home. His big lump was an large infection which just kept growing. It was more than likely the cat who did this to him yet again. They rough house a lot. So he has a tube to get more of the yucky stuff out until this weekend. And of course he has the dreaded cone on his head. Poor guy doesn't know how to back up so he just stays in a corner like a bumper car!

In other news, I'm stressing like mad about this permit status situation. CIC call center can never give anyone the same answer. So I'm apply for a Visitor Status application.

"Inland applications for permanent residence

In situations where an applicant who has visitor status submits an application for permanent
residence to Vegreville and at the same time submits an application for a work permit (pursuant to
R207(b)), the visitor may be considered to have requested an extension of their TR status (in
accordance with R183(5)). They are considered to have implied status as a visitor, until a
decision is made on their WP application.

When no application for a work or study permit is received with the application for permanent
residence, the applicant is obliged to apply to extend their visitor status."

Since I backed out a the last minute doing this, I guess I don't have any choice since I don't have AIP. Oh well. More waiting. Foss notes were sent 4 wks ago and still no response from that either.

The fun part was our night photography shoot for our class. We went down to Lonsdale Key where I took Ginnie and Donica after lunch. The weather was perfect, clear and the shoot was lots of fun with a tripod of course.

I'm off to redue my application now!

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