Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Deep Freeze

While yesterday's problem was all that snow, today's problem are the power outages and deep freezing weather, along with sliding on icy sidewalks. It's not too cold but for us who live on the warm West Coast -8C (wind chill -18) is chilly for the current temp in Vancouver. However, this is as a result of an artic blast which is not going to let up.

Here in North Vancouver this morning, there are blue skies showing Grouse Mountain and just lots of white stuff everywhere. The schools are definitely open today after a few power outages yesterday.

We did finally get a let up on the boil water advisory which has been lifted. But the bitter cold for some people must not be nice. Vancouver does have a large homeless population which I am sure is not fun to be part of.

If you don't clear a walking path from the snow by 10am, you can be fined. To me that sounds like a Swiss law too. In fact, P actually bought a shovel to shovel his way out of the parallel parking. This cold air doesn't seem like it will let up even until next week.

I'll see what I can do to post a pic or two from just around our neighborhood because besides walking 10 blocks up to the pool, I didn't walk much further than that.

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