Sunday, November 19, 2006

Holiday Spirit Officially Begins Today

The Santa Claus Parade, which usually takes place on the Sunday before US Thanksgiving, marks the beginning of the official start to the holiday season here in Canada. Holiday decorations are up in full swing already in all of the stores here in Vancouver.

But since I grew up celebrating Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November, all of this still feels so odd to me. In the US, Christmas decorations officially go up the day after Thanksgiving. It's all just so different! Well not really all that different than Europe.

The difference between Canada and the US for celebrating Thanksgiving and starting the Christmas season is quite different. In Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving on Columbus Day in October, while the US celebrates Thanksgiving somewhere around the fourth Thursday of November.

I think my biggest downfall is that I lack the knowledge of where great holiday festivities are happening around Vancouver. Part of me is just used to see festivals in the city center, like I did while living in Switzerland. Luckily, I have found an extensive list showing what to do around Vancouver for the holidays. I just hope I'll be able to catch one holiday market.

So as the rain and wind touch down today for another crazy storm, P will be braving the elements to get down towards parade area. No he's not watching the parade. I'd be going too if that were the case. We also still have to keep boiling our water. It's murky and annoying, but something that just has to be done.

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