Monday, November 20, 2006

More Rain, More Bottled Water

Looks like there isn't a let up until when our boil water advisory will end. The thing that frustrates me is that we are actually really dependent on water and don't realize it.

Think about these things we need daily thanks to safe drinking water.
1. Brushing your teeth with tap water (can't do that right now.)
2. Washing your dishes in the sink. (Can't do that unless we boil the water first.)
3. Rinsing off any dishes you use. (We have to do that with bottled water.)
4. Using boiled water for anything that goes into your mouth. (I personally hate the looks of this murky water so I'm using all spring water bought from the store.)
5. Using a dish washer is okay as long as the water gets to 85C (150F).
6. Use bleach in your washing laundry because the whites turn out dirty.
(I'll have to do this today or tomorrow, not fun!)
7. Before washing food, use boiled or spring water.

Actually it looks like I'm not alone either. It does take a lot longer to eat and cook dinner if you follow all of these precautions were have been told to do. It's crazy how much we really take for granted these days!

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