Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sayings That Are Aha Moments

This morning I was reading the current addition of Photolife which I get via email. It came in my inbox this morning along with too many other tons of emails. I finally got to it some 4 hours later and wow, I'm glad I did...

I was reading and looking at the photographer Freeman Patterson his excerpt and photos called "Thoughts on Photography".

If there is one lesson I have learned well along the way, it is simply this: the place to live is in the here and now. If I dwell too long in any of my past homes or anticipate too vividly my future travels, as important as it is to factor in the relevance of both, I find that I am missing what’s happening to me today. That’s how life can pass you by.

I had this aha moment back in August 2001 during a complicated time, while I was enjoying some time in France with a very good friend. I came back and was determined to start capturing every moment I could. Somehow, I ended up moving to Switzerland and capturing perfect moments daily, day in and day out... I haven't shared these photos with the public, but maybe some day I will but this guy really said it how I feel.

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