Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We've Got Flooding

Beautiful Autumn Days
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So was there enough rain? Yup - enough for record amounts with sub tropical air. It's moist and warm (15C yesterday), which I guess is better than moist and freezing.

There really wasn't anything that happened besides me getting soaked during my walk up to work. Somewhere Ginnie visited actually got flooded in Stanley Park at Lumberman's Arch.

Some areas of high rain included Victoria, Chilliwack and I'm sure North Van wasn't much behind. We had something like 200 to 350 mm of rain since Thursday, where some people were ordered to evacuate in such areas of Chilliwack and Hope.

What I do know is that this has been one of the prettiest Autumns I've ever noticed. Maybe it's just because I'm photographing more, but I've seen so many great colors. I've also put up a post a day blog if you want to check out more of my photos.

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