Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Finally Got AIP

Yesterday was a turning point. On one side of the world, CanadianSwiss became a TRP while on the other side of the world I became an AIP. How's that for acronyms! So let me explain.

Dear husband (P) called me while I was working yesterday afternoon, asking if he could open up my mail from the Immigration Center. What a question!!! So he proceeded to read the piece of mail over the phone stating we were "approved in principle" or AIP.

What AIP means to me is a huge relief off my shoulders since my work permit was expiring this weekend, which also just so happens to be our 1 anniversary. I can now work where ever I choose also. If I feel like it, I can start job searching as soon as my application is in the mail. I'm sending the application off this morning, after paying more fees. Once I finally land, I'll be able to travel outside of Canada again.

This is basically the milestone part of an inside spousal application where we have now essentially been approved for me to become a permanent resident of Canada. Now it's just waiting for the small stuff, which is just fine with me since I'm already operating just fine as is.

And just in case you were wondering, yes our case did take longer than normal already.

Here's the timeline:
Jan 26, 2006 application received
June 1, 2006 processing started
Sept 22, 2006 app moved locally
Nov 28, 2006 First Stage Approval (AIP)
(Please note it did take 2 people to approve us, and another full 2 months just to look at our application once again. It doesn't normally take this long, but probably resulted because of a stupid address mix up!!! How's that for assuming!)

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