Tuesday, December 12, 2006

When It Rains It Pours

Yes the saying pretty much sums up what is happening right now from one subject to the next, but I won't go into all of those details. If you want to talk about weather, we happened to get another pineapple express on the West Coast. Basically all that means is that we have a lot of wind and rain here in North Vancouver.

Speaking of pouring, the lights kept on pouring out yesterday. Yes it was sort of odd. We had all of our power on at the house, but no cable. The pour people across the street had nothing. Down the way, a street light was out and some 6 or so blocks away only selected stores were dark. I think the trees in our area have had a pounding and don't really understand what month it is. They've been through drought, snow and pouring rain. No wonder there are so many uprooted trees causing power outages.

Question for the day: I want to know how you say Pasta! Do you say Pawsta or Paaaasta? Or something else. I never thought of this until last week, but I'm pretty sure this paaasta thing is Canadian eh!

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