Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Starting 2007 With Rain

So we are on our third day in 2007 and we are still 3days for 3 for rain. But just how much rain: a lot! It's starting to turn out like last January where we tied record amounts of rain. Although the airport is where all of the records are recorded, that area is quite far away from the North Shore mountains where the rain really comes down.

So far this 2007, we have had about 200mm or rain. That's about 6 or 8 inches in less than 3 days! Luckily I think there is a break in the storm. This wicked west coast rain has caused more flooding in fact in other areas which aren't located on a hillside.

I guess I think about this rain so much because it hampers great photo days... Oh well, at least we are getting the stuff..

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