Thursday, February 08, 2007

Swim Meet Count Down

I'm sort of counting the days until my first Canadian Masters swim meet here in Vancouver. I've decided to step up my training a lot more thus incorporating weights and morning swims into my regime.

I'm starting to get a bit tired as a result of training, but that's just fine. I think it was Tuesday when I already thought it was Wednesday wishing the week would hurry up and slow down in time for the weekend. I'm only left with 8 or so days until I jump into that indoor pool, something also a bit different than what I did while growing up in that California sun.

The scary thing is that since I haven't been able to travel back to California in a while, I haven't been able to get all of my belongings. Things that might be the slightest bit useful are a swim bag, some swim towels, fins, paddles and more swim suits. I just have a problem with buying more when I already have all of that stuff somewhere else.

When I look back on my swimming career, this will be the first time I've been to a swim meet in about 8.5 years. Yes it's been that long, but I guess it's like a runner or biker coming out of retirement, things will be just fine. I'm not really saying I'm out of retirement but rather just having fun swimming up here in Canada. Because that is true, I'm doing this for my health and for the fun of it...

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