Monday, June 25, 2007

A Sleeping Meme

Canadian Swiss tagged me for a sleeping meme, so here it goes.

6 Weird things I do while getting ready to sleep or while sleeping:

1. I usually sleep with a pillow under my legs, or in between them, because I wrench my back out daily swimming and I need to lie down flatter for it to feel better. Bottom line, it feels better that way but should be icing it actually.

2. P almost always goes to sleep way later than me. He never wakes me up either when he comes to bed. I'm usually out like a log but I have enough time to notice he's around, then I'm back sleeping again.

3. I always sleep in undies and a tank top while P has to be in boxers.
4. I wish our windows would be darker because I always wake up to the early morning light.
5. If I wake up near sunrise, I can't fall back asleep. I'll fall back asleep like once in a blue moon if I'm lucky.
6. I used to be able to get up instantly in the early morning hour. Now getting up at 4:50am in the morning is so hard and I absolutely hate it but still do it for my swim training.

I’ll add a few more for your entertainment:
  • P and I never snore but P looks like a cute cuddly animal in the covers with his hands sticking out. We both think we are so cute while we are sleeping.
  • I have to have a big fluffy pillow but not too hard which makes it very hard to find the right pillow for me.
  • The only way I can sleep in is by having it pitch dark. Last time that happened was while I was living in Switzerland.
  • I have to have my 8 hrs of sleep each night, but in my 20's I only needed 6.
  • I hate wasting time and think this is why I always wake up early every morning.

So I'm not tagging anyone. But go ahead if you'd like to use this meme.

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