Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wine Recommendations

With our visit to California, we are really looking forward to buying wine and touring the Napa Valley wineries. Of course I've never really toured up there and we are going during a high season for visitors so we really don't know where we will be visiting just yet. I've done a small amount of research, but of course I think I should already know more than what I do.

Having said, that if anyone has any great recommendations for a wine tour, bottle of wine, dessert wine (which are way too pricey in Canada) or anything else that has to do with California wines, please let us know.

Actually since wine in Canada is so expensive, we will be bringing back our full allotment to make up for the huge price difference up here. Any suggestions on wines to buy right now would rock. We love reds, mostly merlot and whites Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Here are 4 places that interested me so far.

Beaulieu Vineyard
Rubicon Estate
Goose Cross
Sterling Winery

Our favorites around the wine country of the Okanogan are definitely from Osoyoos, NK'mip which we toured last summer.

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