Sunday, July 08, 2007

We're Home

It feels so good to be back in the Great Northwest, with fresh air, cooler temperatures and greenery everywhere...

We drove a total of 3783km's (2200 miles), through 3 states (Washington, Oregon & California). Most of the driving during the week was done with my mom's car, so we didn't add those miles into the calculation.

We actually made great timing but it was more of what I'd call a working vacation. P so wonderfully supported and helped me clean out my storage unit, bring back all of the boxes and belongings and dwindle down my share to just a trunk of a Ford Fusion Green..

Our Rental Car - A Red Ford Fusion was incredible! We rented from Hertz and would recommend them to anyone. The car had Sirius Satellite Radio and a great air conditioner, which we don't have in our car in Vancouver.

So numerous boxes, suitcases and photos later, we are home and have to unpack and get ready to work tomorrow. Ironically I never slept in past 7am and worked on cleaning daily. I've got about 500 photos to weed through and some great jokes to post as the week goes on.

For now - I'll tell you we are so happy to be back and I hope to share our trip soon!

P trying to stay warm while I take his pic - Crater Lake Oregon.. More pics to come.

Jen just as cold as P... (Was about 50F and very windy!) June 29th.

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