Monday, September 03, 2007

Nikon Did It Again

Just as I've been pondering a way to save up for a high performance DSLR, Nikon has come out with a new sensor and a few new flashy cameras to make me drool. I read it first on dpreview which gives you a comprehensive look at the new camera, including everything the camera has to offer.

The camera in question is the new D300 which boasts a self cleaning sensor and 12.3 mega pixels, plus 9 frames per second shoot ratio. Some other impressive stats are it's 3 in screen with new live mode, a D300 powering-up in just 0.13 seconds, with an almost imperceptible 45 millisecond shutter lag.

This isn't a camera just for a novice photographer, especially when you see the price. I'm more interested in what the lenses and shots can do for me on paper to share the beauty with others.

If you are interested in looking at a new camera, you might check out all reviews of the Nikon Cameras which come out this fall.

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