Sunday, September 30, 2007

To Travel Again

Ah to travel again.. It all starts with an idea in your head...

We've stuck to Canada since August 2005 at which was the time we last visited Switzerland. Besides that, we took 4 days to go to the Okanagan and also Osoyoos. I don't remember doing much more than that traveling wise. This year we drove down to California so I could spend my vacation moving back up to Canada. You might call that travel, but I certainly don't call that vacation time.

Unless I look back in this blog, I'm not so sure I can find much more evidence of more than 3 days vacationing. You can only imagine why I must be longing for a good vacation. It is sort of staring us straight in the face. P and I both haven't had one! Nor will we totally get one until Christmas at which time everyone takes some time off.

My point is that P has finally told me we are going on Vacation next year. If it takes you more than a second to figure out where we will be spending at least part of our trip, you better stick around this blog a bit longer.

My main goal is to see areas of Amsterdam, France (Alsace/Chamonix) and Switzerland where we both have not seen enough. Actually I will be photographing because that is what drives me to complete excitement. His main goal is to relax and shut me up since I'm obsessed about moving back to Switzerland.

Our next main problem will be deciding the exact dates, time off, who we will visit and where we will stay. We are really hoping to spend some time staying with friends, even blogging ones to counter such costs.

But one last thing, we are planning almost a year in advance. We want to see the wine crush or the Autumn festivals. It's just an idea building, and keeping me sane as a struggle living my life as an Expat in Canada.

I want your feedback as we are still in the idea stage of our travels...

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