Sunday, November 04, 2007

Seven Random Things Meme

From my French Window tagged me for the Seven Random Things Meme. I won't be too creative but I'll list some random facts most people don't know at all.

1. My family is originally from Oslo, Norway and the other half somewhere in England. I wanted to visit the family I still have living near the border of Germany and the Netherlands before I had to leave my life in Switzerland, but I never did. Some of P's family is originally from Ireland but his mom's side comes from old Quebec.

2. Since pre-school I would day dream about living so far away and in my mind it was in Europe. To this day, a day won't go by without me feeling the need to go back to live where I feel like I belong. I long for living in Europe as much as one craves turning on the tv. I'd like to pick Switzerland but France, Germany or the Netherlands would do just fine too. Now the pressure is on dear P to say yes to my dream.

3. I'm a very competitive person but the only way you can really tell this today is by my punctuality and the presence of me being near the front of every line. Must be genetics.

4. I saw a home computer from age 1.5 years, was literally learning on one by age 5 and learned how to program in C and Visual basic at age 7 in order to play video games. That means I've been using the computer for about 30 years of my life already.

5. I've been accessing email and on the internet since 1992 when there were only 2 choices for Internet providers. The Internet ran on a 5600k modem and took almost 1 minute to get online.

6. My original email name was thought up while driving on the road. I got it from the phrase think it, believe it, achieve it. But the actually name is a biking company minus some vowels. I still use a version of that name today.

7. My first ever friend from Switzerland I met using an online group or some other internet means. I met him in person less than 1 month after being in Switzerland and stayed in his lovely farm house. He has helped me learn a lot about Swiss culture too and has been a great touring guide to different areas of Switzerland. You can find him on blog roll also.

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I am tagging my dear Swiss Friend PFlight2000, Canadian-Swiss, Green Haddock.


  1. Hi Jen,
    I think I was much older when I first did see a PC. LOL. The first build computer, in fact was build 2 years after my Birth. haha.

    My first PC was an IBM from -82. It was fascinating at that time.
    My youngest Son got an IBM PS/1 in 1990 - and with phone from that and he did sell his Bike on a BBS.
    To day he is a manager for Best Buy in Michigan. Can you believe----

    My new job:
    Well, I will work for Common Norway to the end of 2009, help them to vitalize their web-pages and to use web 2.0 tech's as member communication and education means.
    Most probably with the use of the new Lotus Connections, which are 100% open and web-based.
    I'm aware of lot's of free, smart plug-ins, but in the long run plug-in's causes maintenance problems for a professional organisation - but they are very well for private blog use.

    I knew you have roots in Oslo. From the time the city was called Christiania? Do you know?

    I also think I've told you before:
    Norway has a lack of competent people and a very sound economy with social wellfare among the best in the world. UN has for several years rated Norway the best Country to live in. Can you believe it. The old Vikings?

    May you and P have great weekend.

    Tor and Anna

  2. Wow, I'm amazed by your early "geekyness"!

    My parents had had a few Mac computer in the early 90s but I wasn't interested at all. It's only when I bought my first laptop (early 2000!) that I became quite comfortable with computers. Didn't take me long though.

    And for the internet... I'm ashamed to say I had never heard of it (!!) till I went to China when I was 16. My roommate at university showed it to me (that was 99 BTW) and I was hooked.

    I'm a late bloomer I guess :D

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