Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sporadic Blogging

I'm in desperate need of a break from the computer. Add that I've had the flu all week despite working every day, and that will add up to a much needed vacation by weeks end. We leave for a plane flight soon. I hope to come back with a few new cool photos from the trip. I'm sure I will pop in for both Photo Hunts and a bit of lurking while I am away.

In other news:

I passed my Swiss Geography quiz today as P was doing his crossword puzzle. I was able to tell him which 4 letter Swiss River was on his puzzle. The Aare River of Course.

It's snowed a lot this week here in Vancouver mountains but of course we are back to the normal gray skies and lots of rain.

I'll at least take a break from reading my normal blogs. Wishing all great holidays. Take lots of photos for me please, so I can enjoy Europe and all of your adventures.

I'll leave you with a few of my Christmas wishes. And yours???

Seeing Some Great European Photos From Your Travels and Celebrations.
To take a few great photos.
And to de-stress!

** We made it safely to San Francisco for all of you curious people wondering. It's clear skies and a dream come true. We left with about 6 inches of snow on the ground yesterday morning and now it's warmer and all so clear. I'll pop in when I feel like it, but hope to show off some blue skies soon! **

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