Sunday, March 02, 2008

Where is my train?

French blogger Window to France came across an impressive application using Google maps which figures out where Swiss Trains actually are located. gives the position of Swiss trains live using the application of Google maps.

The application uses a theoretical position of trains. It's well known that Swiss trains are very reliable and are almost always on time. The site will transition to provide the actual position of trains through this site.

My questions: Who Will actually use this application? Is everyone that connected to the Internet that they can find where their train is? Do I really need to know that much about my train coming?

For me, it's definitely not a necessity... What's the practicality for use? With the train operators themselves?


  1. There is something similar for planes. Unfortunately, due to security reasons, with a delay.

  2. Blackberry users. My husband has access to the internet anywhere, any time through his blackberry. And I do see times when we could find it useful if the train is running a few minutes late (or we are!)

  3. GL - I see your point. I guess if one has a blackberry it's great. But my hope is not to be missing my train in the first place... lol

    I think they update the screens quite well so delays are almost always minimal..

  4. Gomad - very interesting!