Sunday, June 29, 2008

Visiting IMAX

We decided to be tourists in our own town today and go watch an IMAX movie down at Canada Place and use up our discount coupon. So we walked down to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver and took the Sea Bus over to Vancouver.
This is the view from the other side of
Burrard Inlet looking at North Vancouver.

The cruise ships were all in, tourists walking amongst us.
Some of the tourist were certainly German on this Norwegian Liner.


Famous Sky Train I use daily.

Here's P and I posing with our Bug Eyes before the show.

I took a long shutter shot of some of this HUGE theater.

We saw Deep Sea 3D which told us about how precious our eco system is and how Sharks play a big part of how the great barrier reef lives.

Did you know that corals in the Gulf of Mexico spawn once a year at precisely 1 hr after sunset during the 8th day in August after the Harvest moon? We also learned about Mantis Shrimp, Irish Lords, Sand Tiger Sharks, Giant Pacific Octopus, manta rays only eat plankton and more...

The Mantis Shrimp is able to back up his attitude with an impressive set of front claws, which can be flicked with such speed (it has been clocked at the speed of a 22 caliber bullet) and force that they can shatter not only the hard shells of prey, but also double safety glass.

We learned a lot in the movie and thought it was worth going back again to see another short feature or the website, which takes a very long time to load.

The Harbour Centre and parts of Canada Place of Vancouver.

This will all be full on Tuesday for Canada Day Celebrations.


  1. Was it an Imax 3D? I can't see 3D but I heard it was pretty cool!

    I went to the regular Imax a few times and it's awesome. We also have a smaller Imax that shows current movies (300, the Dark Knight, Harry Potter etc.)

  2. Vilay can't go to the Imax without getting sick. :( But, I love it! It looks like you both had a nice day and I will check out the website. I am always reading about the environment.

  3. Wow! It must be really impressive to watch that movie like that at an Imax theater and then in 3D.

  4. CS - it was very impressive. At times the water was on top of us and totally coming out of the screen. IT was so cool. I felt like the ocean water was on my body.