Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving US

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the US. It is also the last day before the Christmas season gets in full swing. I've heard places such as Walmart are even opening up at 5am in anticipation of these sales...

Possibly I will have enough time to duck in and take a photo of some Christmas lights before the big lines hit Canada too.

Here's a look at my morning view of the mountains.

Happy Thanksgiving

Views looking toward Port Angeles and Washington State

Morning Mountain Views

Olympic Mountain Range

Morning Mountain Light

Olympics - Washington State

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, ET!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Your views are beautiful!

  3. What a great morning view - Like I've said before: very much like Norwegian nature :-)

    RennyBA's Terella

  4. A Belated Happy Thanksgiving! Your view is lovely! Hope you found some turkey up in Canada yesterday!